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ProPeludos is a humble non-profit association legally registered. We are only four people united by our love for animals and aware of the great problem of abuse and neglect that thousands of animals suffer daily in our country. We only have our time and means, which are not many.

ProPeludos aims to find a home for abandoned or abused animals. We love and respect animals, so our sole purpose is to give them back the dignity they should never have lost, and to provide them with a good quality of life. We do not put barriers to our work, so even though we are a registered association in Jaén, our scope of action has no borders and we mainly rescue animals from Málaga and Jaén.

The process since we rescued an animal from the street until we found a family is very long. First, we always need veterinary attention to rule out health problems or solve them if they already exist. On the other hand, we have to keep that animal for as long as it takes us to find the right family for each case. For this, we need your help because our resources are very limited. We do not have our own shelter so for the moment we will only work with foster homes and residences. We also need to have an economic rescue fund, to be able to act as soon as possible when we find urgent cases.

For all this, WE NEED YOU. Whether you are a private individual or a protector, you can certainly contribute a bit and be part of this task.


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