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About the Author
Beryl Brennan
Beryl 300 201122
Journalist and writer, I've been involved in publicising the terrible conditions in which the Spanish hunting dogs are kept and the appalling waste of life at the end of the Spanish hunting season.  Podencos and galgos abandoned in their hundreds of thousands, possibly as many as 150,000 every year, I exaggerate not!  every year.  Because the Spanish hunters will not keep a dog during the off huntins season - that's 8 months of every year.  Spain needs to move on from the Middle Ages, the Inquisition and Franco periods in Spanish history are long gone.
The Spanish governments, neither national nor provincial, stick their heads in the sand 'there isn't a problem'.  Abandoned dogs isn't a vote catcher...but it is a blight on Spain and the beauty that could be Spain if it weren't for the starving abandoned and injured dogs everywhere you look.
Podencos are the most used hunting hound on the Spanish mainland, on the Canary Islands and the Balearics - Mallorca and Ibiza.  The world should know about the miserable lives podencos are forced to live, the terrible deaths they are forced to face - El Hierro - hunters throw their podencos alive over the cliffs into the sea!
You've guessed it - I'm passionate about podencos and now I tell the world what goes on behind the glitter of Spanish cathedrals and golden beaches.
Podencos have changed my life, I hope you will take them into your heart when you read about them.
*About the Contributors
Edwin Verhaegen Founder, Stichting Podencoworld, Nederland
For over 8 years I have been rescuing podencos and learned about their sad lives in Spain and founded an association Podencoworld to help them and to raise awareness. Over the years we have rehomed some 800 – 1000 podencos. According to several Spanish hunting websites, the podenco is the most used and most popular hunting dog in Spain. The consequence is that there are tens of thousands podencos abandoned, neglected, abused and killed each year. The shelters are overcrowded, perreras are full with abandoned podencos and if they end up there they will be sacrificed. In fact many perreras are in private commercial hands, minimal care is offered to the animals and they get rid off them in the cheapest possible way. Every rescued podenco is one life saved and when you see their metamorphosis from an anxious broken soul in a proud happy podenco, I still get a lump in my throat and I know it is all worth it